The first tourbillon TAG Heuer in the world

Although the tourbillon was the first watchmaker TAG Heuer replica avant-garde already announced last year, the final version was finished in 2016, now under the Basel Fair. But I must admit that the wait was worth it. At first glance, in fact fascinates with its ultra-modern design. At second glance, detailed, it is surprising elegant finish in contrast with its availability – is moving around half a million, to mark this complication very accessible.
Tourbillon is located in collections TAG Heuer Carrera under the name Heuer Carrera-02T. Its architecture, based on the original automatic caliber CH-80, whose production was stopped before last, and its 4 Hz balance wheel is now a substitute teacher at a flying tourbillon pulsating identical frequency. Other attributes are retained, so it is a robust chronograph. They remained unchanged and accuracy requirements, and so according to the requirements of clients were required to be certified chronometer movement. Movement passed 21 days testing and certified by the COSC. Additionally, it can work the entire 65 hours without winding capability – thus manages to relax over the weekend. The menu will still only in two versions, while the titanium version was not unlike a PVD blackened limited alternatives. Affordable then comes quite interesting to 399,900, of which CZK 250 piece limited edition Black Phantom will cost CZK 534,900.
A encapsulation?

TAG Heuer replica this year, catching up to the end of his concept of new housings Carrera new generation, which is water resistant to 100 m. The main asset of which will not only benefit model with tourbillon, but also classic chronographs, twelve utilized components. They can be easily combined with each other and thus always leave DNA model, while it actually changed. In addition to titanium and steel, thus offering course work in gold, but also ceramics or carbon. Identically shaped housing can also occur in new replica Heuer Carrera chronograph the 1st They stand under the name of that caliber Heuer 01, which is actually slightly rebuilt and subsequently skeletovaný caliber 1887, which took over from Mark giant Seiko.

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