The Best Gift – A Replica Patek Philippe Watch Like Carla Bruni To Sarkozy


Well maybe I have exaggerated in the title with the replica watch, Carla Bruni gave a real Patek Philippe to Nicolas Sarkozy. Clock that, by the way, they tried to steal it after a meeting and everything recorded by the cameras … of film.

And not for less, I do not want to justify the thief but it is that the model that Sarkozy received cost Carla Bruni about 55 000 euros. In fact, when that happened, the most malevolent said that Sarkozy would take off his watch so as not to flaunt and make the humblest people identify with him.

But, I do not think it’s true because as you see in the photos Sarkozy does not hesitate to show off his Patek Philippe at all times. The model is the 5140G that undoubtedly combines pearls with a good suit.


Lately Sarkozy has appeared in the media for the so-called Sarkoleaks case, in which an ex-advisor has broadcast recordings of his talks with the French president. At the moment, Sarkozy will receive a compensation of 10 000 euros, with four more can return the gift to Carla Bruni and buy another watch, perhaps a replica watch.

The rest of mortals, while we wait for someone to record us so that he has to compensate us, we can be content with a Patek Phillipe replica to wear a good suit.

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