In 1954 he made his first Rolex replica watch that can be read from two different time zones. Diameter of 38mm, the reference port 6542. This reference was made initially with the insert ring bakelite which then was replaced in the future with that metal. This model was realized in steel or 18-carat gold.

In 1959 in production until 1980, reference 1675 replaces the previous 6542. Mounts a caliber 1565GMT and 1575GMT later. As for the submariner 5512 and 5513, the reference in 1675/0 Steel has two different types of parapets, the rarest is defined by collectors “cornino”.
The reference in gold 1675/8 was produced without parapets or “cornino” version. In 1973 born the steel versions and 1675/3 gold, the color variations are black, and “Tiger’s eye”.
Over the years, as all home models Rolex replica 1675 has undergone several changes, the most obvious to the quadrant passing by Nipple, to buckshot.

In 1979 replica Rolex launches the first GMT MASTER with the rapid replacement of the date display, 16750 is the reference steel, 16753 the reference steel and yellow gold and the 16758 references in 18 carat gold. At first it was produced with a buckshot quadrant which was later supplanted towards the end of production by a more modern shorts.
Launched in 1989 came the references 16700 and 16710 both with sapphire crystal. The reference 16700 is known as copy GMT MASTER I, I remained in production until 1999 was fitted with a 3175 caliber that allowed the reading of two time zones. The reference 16710 (GMT MASTER II), with the 3185 caliber, allowed the reading of 3 time zones and the independent regulation of the hour hand. It was also available in gold and steel version 16713 and 16718 entirely in gold.


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