Replica Omega 007 Specter Behind the Scenes

For the twenty-fourth time, there are so many (official) movies in the 007 series, Mr. Q explains to James Bond how they work the gadgets he will have to use during his mission. In the end he hands him the Omega 007 SPECTER and Daniel Craig, Mr. Bond for the fourth time, looking at him the question: “and this does something?”. The answer of the bizarre Q is as expected, in the canons of the purest English humor.
The Omega 007 Spectre replica watch worn by Bond is a Seamaster 300 with a vintage look highlighted by the shapes and cream color of the arrow markers. The Automatic Co-Axial Caliber 8400 is fitted with a technology capable of withstanding magnetic fields up to an intensity of 15,000 Gauss. It was introduced in 2013.

More information on the Seamaster Specter on the Omega website.

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