Replica IWC For A Style Like Carmelo Anthony

An IWC replica is perfect if you want to see like Carmelo Anthony, a great aficionado of watches, and in fact collaborates with Haute Time by choosing your favorite watch of the day. In the photograph, you see him with a very modern and colorful look completed with an IWC.

The specific model you see in the photograph is the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “50 Years Science for Galapagos” and precisely because of its marine motifs it combines so well with the blue tones of the look of Carmelo Anthony.

But if you get scared by the very aggressive look of Carmelo in that photo, maybe you’ll be more convinced this one with a much more classic and good-looking look:

In this case the model is also an IWC that, as you see, is perfect with a brown sweater in a much more intellectual look.

Currently, Carmelo Anthony‘s time is focused on trying to take his team to the NBA play offs in order to thus fight for the ring. In summer, it is presumable that Carmelo goes to the basket world, which, by the way, will be held in Spain. It will be a good time to study the looks of Carmelo and of course, also, his watches.

If you like the IWC, but you find it too expensive, you can opt for an IWC replica that although it will never be the same as an original, yes that is valid to give a good aesthetic, modern and elegant image.

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