Cartier replica ballon bleu floral marquetry parrot

By Parrot model, Cartier bring for the first time in the world of watchmaking technique called MARQUETERIA floral, used to capture the ephemeral beauty of flowers and character combined in this case with jewelers technology. The resulting model impresses with an explosion of color with a palette never seen, at least replica Cartier Ballon Bleu series.
To achieve this unique Cartier replica wristwatch, were selected first few flower petals, which were stained, fixed on a thin wood and then cut into the desired shape. This led to the multicolored parrot feathers, which appears more sensual and more fragile with the beak of onyx and emerald eyes.

Flakes of white and gray around the eye were made one by one as the technique of painting in miniature. The whole process of paving stones and precious decoration requires several hours of work, repeated for each copy individually.

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