Breitling Aerospace Evo Chronograph

The Aerospace is one of the peaks of the offer range replica Breitling, described as a multifunctional electronic device mechanism SuperQuartz, 10 times more accurate than the usual quartz. Occurred since 1985, Breitling Aerospace knew just launched a new iteration, which wants to be stronger, more dynamic but equally technical.
The control system of Breitling replica watches Aerospace Evo is quite simple and logical, which is sufficient to turn, pressing or pull crown to activate many features that is capable: chronograph hundredths of a second, stopwatch downwards, timezone secondary , alarm beep on the hour or an advanced calendar. Particularly important is the lighting system very efficient, readable and using lenses night (NVG compatible).

Breitling Chronograph Aerospace replica watches Evo has a slightly larger diameter (43mm) than previous models, a sniper engraved with the insignia minutes, index and indices redraw and a protective glass with convex edge. The casing is made of titanium and has a matte finish on the back is printed a set of units and their equivalent in metric / imperial.

Inlude a dial display analog and one digital LCD and background can have 3 color variations – Volcano Black, Mariner Blue, Tungsten Gray – catching hand and can be done with a leather strap, rubber or titanium bracelet. Optionally, this bracelet can be integrated electronic module auxuliar Co-Pilot.

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