After all what is a ROLEX DAYTONA ???

First and foremost, it is a myth created from the master watchmakers of Rolex who, in Switzerland, created a “monster” of watchmaking that, combined with its low production, led to an obligatory piece in any collection of “assembler” or collector of replica watches.

Curiously the most coveted Daytona is made in less precious metal – STEEL.

Its production started in the 60’s with a manual rope Valjoux mechanism, it grew for 20 years, going through the crisis of the 70’s and 80’s with the quartz boom and the almost disappearance of the “clocks”.
These parts are nicknamed by “Pre Daytona” since few exhibit in their display the classification “Rolex Daytona”.

In the 80’s, Rolex replica replaced the manual rope mechanism considered obsolete by the “geniuses” watchmakers of the time, by the most reliable and developed mechanism at the time – El Primero Zenith. This automatic winding mechanism has undergone profound modifications by Rolex watchmakers, in particular at hourly alternations (revolutions), from 36,000 to 28,800, replacing, among other parts, the balance already used in previous models. The 4030 movement that gives rise to the first Rolex Daytona with the reference number 16520 is born.


In 1988, the Daytona was already coveted by collectors around the world and there were those who did not want to wear a Rolex Daytona on their wrist. This led to the fact that, in the early 1990s, demand greatly exceeded supply.

In 2001 Rolex replica watches made the biggest change. It comes to equip the model only with its own mechanism – Replica Rolex. The Daytona is thus born with reference 116520.

Curiously, the Daytona has always remained true to its information. Never presented schedule. The first reference of the Rolex Daytona was: 6238, passing by 6239; 6240; 6241; 6262; 6263; 6264; 6265. From the moment that it came to be equipped with El Primero machine, passed the reference 16520/19/18. Only after the introduction of the Rolex mechanism did he now have 6 digits in his reference: 116520.

As for those calibers that are affectionately nicknamed “Paul Newman” we will speak at another time.

As a curiosity, in the year 2016 was sold at auction a Rolex Daytona refª 6263 in STEEL of 1969 for the value of: 1.800.300,00 €. Yes.

ONE MILLION AND EIGHT HUNDRED AND THOUSANDS, plus commissions inherent in auction sales.

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