In a sign of appreciation for women traveling long distances than in personal or business, Breitling replica launched a model with a size more suitable for a woman’s wrist: Breitling replica Transocean Chronograph 38.

Inspired by the brand’s legendary models from the years 1950-1960, this watch is offered in a modern interpretation and individualized. Breitling Transocean female character’s Chronograph 38 is enhanced by the use of finer lines, rounded carefully.


The housing has a diameter of 38mm and is available in both steel and white gold, while the hand grip can opt for a woven metal bracelet or leather strap or crocodile Baren. Engraved on the back cover are two stylized aircraft, a symbol of the brand Breitling replica as is the letter B made of 18k gold on the dial.


Being a watch with chronograph, the Breitling Transocean replica watches has two side dials feature a spiral reason and index concave inside. Dial color can vary from black to shiny silver or a blue night.

Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38 is designed for women who appreciate the art of watchmaking is equipped with its own mechanism 41 Caliber Automatic. It is built on 38 rubies and is COSC certified chronometer for the precision level.

Although the tourbillon was the first watchmaker TAG Heuer replica avant-garde already announced last year, the final version was finished in 2016, now under the Basel Fair. But I must admit that the wait was worth it. At first glance, in fact fascinates with its ultra-modern design. At second glance, detailed, it is surprising elegant finish in contrast with its availability – is moving around half a million, to mark this complication very accessible.
Tourbillon is located in collections TAG Heuer Carrera under the name Heuer Carrera-02T. Its architecture, based on the original automatic caliber CH-80, whose production was stopped before last, and its 4 Hz balance wheel is now a substitute teacher at a flying tourbillon pulsating identical frequency. Other attributes are retained, so it is a robust chronograph. They remained unchanged and accuracy requirements, and so according to the requirements of clients were required to be certified chronometer movement. Movement passed 21 days testing and certified by the COSC. Additionally, it can work the entire 65 hours without winding capability – thus manages to relax over the weekend. The menu will still only in two versions, while the titanium version was not unlike a PVD blackened limited alternatives. Affordable then comes quite interesting to 399,900, of which CZK 250 piece limited edition Black Phantom will cost CZK 534,900.
A encapsulation?

TAG Heuer replica this year, catching up to the end of his concept of new housings Carrera new generation, which is water resistant to 100 m. The main asset of which will not only benefit model with tourbillon, but also classic chronographs, twelve utilized components. They can be easily combined with each other and thus always leave DNA model, while it actually changed. In addition to titanium and steel, thus offering course work in gold, but also ceramics or carbon. Identically shaped housing can also occur in new replica Heuer Carrera chronograph the 1st They stand under the name of that caliber Heuer 01, which is actually slightly rebuilt and subsequently skeletovaný caliber 1887, which took over from Mark giant Seiko.

The Rolex replica before giving away validity. Today lend style. The video below us “introduced” in the luxury clock mechanism.
During the 20th century the wristwatch was an indicator of social status and sometimes replace the jewelry. The Swiss top companies of its kind.

Why Rolex replica watches are so expensive? A question that often accompanies the clock image. The craftsmanship, the deep knowledge of and adherence to integrity are some of the answers.

In the video below we will see the detailed manufacturing process by a professional watchmaker a clock infamous company Rolex.

A popular and collectible Rolex replica is the watch «Rolex Submariner», which is not only waterproof but can be worn during the dive. After this video question “why Rolex is so expensive?” Finds answer.

Originally built to measure time recorded in various competitions, chronograph may just as well and medical applications. In a pattern that repeats a theme first published ago 50 years, Longines replica introduces Asthmometer-Pulsometer or instrument measuring the heart rate and respiration, useful information as an athlete during training and a doctor for routine investigations .

Heritage is that collection from Longines which recreates the successful models of the past reinterpreted in a modern manner and updated. Like its predecessor appeared in 1963, Asthmometer-Pulsometer Chronograph has a size of 38.5mm reduced somewhat, but despite this has to dial outside two additional grading scale, one blue for the measurement interval elapsed during 5 cycles respiratory and one red for timing the time required for 30 heartbeats.


It is true that in today’s healthcare professionals have devices more accurate and tailored to specific needs, but Asthmometer-Pulsometer Longines Chronograph remains a reliable tool, perfect functional and the always available. Doctors and medical staff can as well choose to wear this watch in leisure or conference theme is elegant and expresses the very specific job.

Longines replica watches Heritage Asthmometer-Pulsometer Chronograph is powered by an automatic movement Calibre L652.2, an adapted ETA 2094 with 33 jewels and a power reserve 37h. Gripping the hand is made with a black alligator leather strap.

The price is about 1700 euros, an amount not great for a doctor of western medicine.

In a limited series of only 1,000 copies, Breitling replica Light Body Midnight Carbon black hide under a shell of titanium plated with a layer of carbon very light and strong, like that used in racing cars.

Can be found on the dial, this replica watch features two exclusive Breitling brand, recognizable by the red markings and curbs. One is roataţie chronograph period of 30 seconds, which can provide such measurements with an accuracy of up to 1 / 8s.
BR13725-Bentley LightBody MC_90x130.indd

The other function is a variable tachometer through a rotating bezel can compute units reported at different times and can thus calculate average speeds measured regardless of time, distance covered or the speed reached.

Breitling Light Body Midnight Carbon attaches to the hand with a black rubber strap, having a center ground granulated relief grille reminiscent of Bentley cars.

Ultra-sporty and elegant design is accompanied by the presence of another jewelry mechanical automatic chronograph mechanism COSC certificate for the accuracy and reliability to the highest standards.